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Volunteers Needed

The Anzac Park Ethics program builds the critical reasoning ability of our students, helping them to come to a deep understanding of their own values. Students learn how to think through different issues and identify strong and weak arguments. At Anzac Park, we have one of the largest ethics programs in the state, supported by a fantastic team of volunteer teachers including parents, grandparents and community volunteers.

So that we can continue to offer ethics classes to all families who request them, we are looking for a number of new volunteer teachers to join the program in 2021. Teaching Ethics is a great way to get involved in the classroom and support the school. It could also help you to develop your own thinking, reasoning and facilitation skills!

Volunteers don’t need previous teaching experience or a background in philosophy or ethics. You receive full training and a fully prepared lesson each week. An APPS teacher is also present in each class for additional support. Classes are discussion based, so more teachers means smaller classes and a much greater chance for your child to fully participate in the lesson. Classes run every Tuesday.

If teaching ethics is a possibility for you, or someone you know (we’d love to hear from some grandparents or 2021 kindy parents!), please email or call our Ethics Coordinator, Cathy Chase on 0414 784 272.

Events, Volunteering

Volunteering opportunities

As a community, we all need to chip in now and then to keep things running smoothly. If you can spare some time – we are always on the lookout for helpers. Please see below some ongoing opportunities – it is also a great way to meet fellow parents and carers.

Kiss and Drop
The role is to assist children in and out of cars safely and quickly to allow traffic flow.
You can get the High Visibility Vest from the office for you to wear as well as two flags to drop in the holes at each end of the Kiss and Drop.
Please add your name in the Roster which can be found here.

Generally the 1st Thursday of every month 7:30am – 9:00am at the Kiss and Drop.
This is a really fun way to meet others and help with the collection of bags that come in.
Please contact or watch for requests on Konnective and the APPS facebook page if you are able to assist.

Ethics Teacher
Each week ethics teachers facilitate a discussion about a range of topics such as fairness, doing harm without meaning to, being an ethical consumer, ethical reasoning, should we trust science and more!
It is a great way to volunteer in the classroom and a fantastic opportunity to see the kids in action and get involved in the school community. You receive a lesson script each week, full training and there is an APPS teacher in the room with you for support. Classes run for half an hour on Tuesday afternoons. If you’re interested, reply below or email me at For more info about the program, check out

Committees, Fundraising & Social Events

Fundraising and Social Committee

Fundraising/Social Committee
The Social & Fundraising Sub-committee coordinates all annual P&C fundraising events, including seeking donations and sponsorship for these events from businesses and individuals in the community. Fundraising is one of the most important activities of the P&C, so that additional resources can be provided for children at the school.
The Leader of the Social/Fundraising Sub-committee will provide guidance to the Class Parent Coordinator and Class Parents about the preparation and running of annual P&C social events such as a Colour Run, Parents Night Out etc, whilst ensuring fundraising efforts on behalf of the P&C are well-coordinated. They will communicate information about social/fundraising events to parents via the school newsletter, Konnective and the Parents Facebook Page. Please contact Joanna Zanello and Fiona Dunne for any questions of would like to be involved –

APPS P&C Voluntary Contribution
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P&C Voluntary Contribution

This voluntary contribution is included in the Term 2 invoice and enables us to enhance our educational and sporting programs including elective subjects and helps to provide additional educational resources for the benefit of students. 

The P&C voluntary contribution is in lieu of chocolate drives, cake stalls, fete’s, raffle tickets etc.

Some examples of school community resources the APPS P&C has contributed to in the past 2 years include:

* Fixed playground equipment on the upper and lower terraces

* Shade Sails in Playground

* Water bottle re-fill stations

* PSSA uniforms

* STEAM hub – IPADs, Robotics and Maker equipment

* Library resources

The P&C relies on ongoing support from our parent community in order to continue to be able to support similar projects that benefit the school and in turn, our children.

School Wish List for 2021
2021 Funding:
• STEAM and library resources funding
• Outdoor kitchen/BBQ area: School shark tank project winner in 2019.
School obtaining quotations for this project.
• Expert speakers programme, funded by P&C. Covering a wide range of
topics that are commonly mentioned by APPS families that they would
welcome more information on.

Longer term projects:
• Two longer term projects (Astroturf replacement and additional shade sails
above playground equipment and outdoor kitchen area) will also be partially
included in this year’s budget. These are projects that need to be funded over
a number of years with an amount set aside each year to enable completion
in future years.
• An additional future project is a playground upgrade of the sloped area
adjacent to the slides. We will look for this to be included in future years
spending, not this year.