About, Committees

Current P&C Team

Co-President – Troy and Sarah Robinson
Vice President – Brenden van Blerk
Secretary – Kirsty Cranfield
Treasurer – Diane Manoughian

Auditor – Rebecca Wardrop
Canteen Committee – Ryan Lawson
Communications / Class Parent Coordinator – Lee Auzins
Creative Arts Coordinator – Martin Bregozzo / Mehnaaz Ahmed
Fundraising/Social Coordinator – Joanna Zanello / Fiona Dunne
OOSH Committee – Kathryn Allen
Sports Coordinator – Fiona Dunne
Sustainability Coordinator – Carmen Loecherer
Traffic Coordinator – Vacant
Tunnel Coordinator – Rhys Williams
Uniform Committee – Lee Auzins

Grants – Vacant

Committees, Sustainability Coordinators

Sustainability Committee

Sustainability committee
Our sustainability coordinator is responsible for creating a more efficient way of reducing waste and clever ways in which we can use our natural resources. We can do this by collecting rain water and then watering our garden with it. Recycling is another great example of how we can create a more sustainable future for our school. If you would like to help with our sustainability at APPS, please contact Carmen Loecherer:- anzacparkpandc@gmail.com

Committees, Tunnel Coordinators

Tunnel Committee

Tunnel committee
The Tunnel Committee advises on developments, updates and action in relation to the proposals for the Western Harbour Tunnel, the Northern Beaches Tunnel and Warringah Freeway Upgrade including the pollution  stacks, traffic congestion, adverse construction area impact and the impact on climate. The committee prepares submissions to government bodies and local members, updates on the proposals and required action from the School community. Support and taking the recommended action is always appreciated so the School community can endeavour to get the best result possible from these proposals, please contact Rhys Williams should you have any questions at anzacparktunnel@gmail.com or anzacparkpandc@gmail.com


Committees, Creative Arts Coordinators

Creative Arts Committee

Creative Arts Committee         
Similar to the Sport Coordinator role this position will boost the awareness of all creative arts at Anzac Park. The Coordinator will work along side Mrs Weir to build engagement from families and students. This role will also be the parent liaison with Directions in Music. If you have questions or would like information, please contact Martin Bregozzo / Mehnaaz Ahmed – anzacparkpandc@gmail.com

Committees, Communications Coordinators

Communications Committee

Communications Committee  
To create, collect and manage the parents and carers data base and class lists. Create and maintain the list of class representatives (Class Parents). Manage the Konnective App Database and lists (i.e Year 3, 2020, Year 4, 2020). Send (or coordinate) the sending of reminders to families via the Konnective App about school events, year events etc., Please contact Lee Auzins should you have any questions at anzacparkpandc@gmail.com

Committees, Fundraising & Social Events

Fundraising and Social Committee

Fundraising/Social Committee
The Social & Fundraising Sub-committee coordinates all annual P&C fundraising events, including seeking donations and sponsorship for these events from businesses and individuals in the community. Fundraising is one of the most important activities of the P&C, so that additional resources can be provided for children at the school.
The Leader of the Social/Fundraising Sub-committee will provide guidance to the Class Parent Coordinator and Class Parents about the preparation and running of annual P&C social events such as a Colour Run, Parents Night Out etc, whilst ensuring fundraising efforts on behalf of the P&C are well-coordinated. They will communicate information about social/fundraising events to parents via the school newsletter, Konnective and the Parents Facebook Page. Please contact Joanna Zanello and Fiona Dunne for any questions of would like to be involved – anzacparkpandc@gmail.com

Committees, Traffic Coordinator

Traffic Committee

Traffic Committee       
The Traffic Coordinator looks at traffic issues around the school and how to improve safety for students. You will liaise with local council when needed for Road Safety issues and coordinate the annual Active Travel Day. The role will coordinate and distribute the Kiss and Drop Parent Volunteer roster and publish on our website and via the school office. This position is currently vacant – if you wish to help, please contact anzacparkpandc@gmail.com

Committees, Sports Coordinators

Sports Committee

Sports Committee
This position has been created to work with the school, sports teachers and Colour House Captains to assist with sporting events such as swimming, athletics and zone carnivals.

Helping to create a real ‘colour house’ culture within the school and each House Colour.
Attend carnivals, put the call out for volunteer parents at each sporting event. Please contact Fiona Dunne at anzacparkpandc@gmail.com if you wish to help of have any questions.

APPS house colours are as follows:
WARK – Yellow
HOBBS – Green

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Class Parent Coordinators, Committees

Class Parent Committee

Class Parent Committee         
This is an important role in 2020 as the new Class Parent Coordinator is the front-line contact person for the school’s Class Parents and wider parent community. Each class has one or two parents who volunteer as Class Parent(s) for the year. The Class Parent Coordinator and Class Parents help communicate information between the teachers, parents and P&C. Together they also lead many of the P&C’s annual social fundraising events. Please contact Lee Auzins if you wish to get involved or have any questions at anzacparkpandc@gmail.com

anzac park school uniforms
Committees, Uniform Committee

Uniform Committee

Uniform Committee
To organise 2nd hand uniform sales, put the call out for donations from families of good quality uniforms, advertise the sales, monitor the 2nd hand uniform FB sale page. Put the call out for volunteers to help at the uniform sale etc. Please contact Lee Auzins if you have any queries at anzacparkpandc@gmail.com