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APPS Handbook

This handbook was created by one of our APPS parents in the hope it gives some clarity around some of the terms used at Anzac Park Public School. It is a work in progress and should be used as a guide. We hope you find this helpful:-

About, Committees

Current P&C Team

Co-President – Troy and Sarah Robinson
Vice President – Vacant
Secretary – Kirsty Cranfield
Treasurer – Diane Manoughian

Auditor – Bec Murray
Canteen Committee – Ryan Lawson
Communications / Class Parent Coordinator – Lee Auzins
Creative Arts Coordinator – Vacant
Fundraising/Social Coordinator – Joanna Zanello/Fiona Dunne
OOSH Committee – Kathryn Allen
Sports Coordinator – Courtney Statos
Sustainability Coordinator – Carmen Loecherer
Traffic Coordinator – Vacant
Tunnel Coordinator – Rhys Williams
Uniform Committee – Lee Auzins

Grants – Flynn McDermott

About, Meeting Minutes

P&C Meeting Minutes

Minutes from our P&C & AGM can be found below.

November 10th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes

September 8th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes

August 11th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes

June 10th 2020 P&C Meeting Minutes 

March 10th 2020 P&C AGM Meeting Minutes 

February 11th 2020 P&C Meeting minutes 

November 12th 2019 P&C Meeting minutes   

September 10th 2019 P&C Meeting Minutes

August 13th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

June 11th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

May 14th 2019 P&C meeting minutes 

April 9th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

March 12th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

February 12th 2019 P&C meeting minutes

November 13th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

Sep 11th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

August 14th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

June 12th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

May 8th 2018 P&C Meeting Minutes

February 13th 2018 P&C meeting minutes

2018 Annual General Meeting Minutes 

A full list of past meeting minutes can be found here.

APPS P&C Voluntary Contribution
About, Fundraising & Social Events, P&C Voluntary Contribution

P&C Voluntary Contribution

This voluntary contribution is included in the Term 2 invoice and enables us to enhance our educational and sporting programs including elective subjects and helps to provide additional educational resources for the benefit of students. 

The P&C voluntary contribution is in lieu of chocolate drives, cake stalls, fete’s, raffle tickets etc.

Some examples of school community resources the APPS P&C has contributed to in the past 2 years include:

* Fixed playground equipment on the upper and lower terraces

* Shade Sails in Playground

* Water bottle re-fill stations

* PSSA uniforms

* STEAM hub – IPADs, Robotics and Maker equipment

* Library resources

The P&C relies on ongoing support from our parent community in order to continue to be able to support similar projects that benefit the school and in turn, our children.